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Holistic Aesthetic Doctor, London

Salary: On Application

Date Posted: 29 August 2018

GMC Registered

Job Role


The Naturopathic Centre, from passive disease management to proactive optimal health creation
Maida Vale London W9 will see the launch of the first UK Health optimising clinic. This Clinic will be the flagship for further clinic exposure across the UK.

In the UK, the Naturopathic Centre based in Winchester, has formed a Joint Venture with Health Optimising International to facilitate this plan. We will be known as Health Optimising UK Ltd.
Based on naturopathic principles, the objective of the philosophy behind ‘Health Optimising’ is to focus on seeking the root cause of health imbalances, ‘First do no harm’, empower the individual to take responsibility for their health, focus on a disease prevention pathway, provide expert education and information for patients and the wider community, and to use transformational coaching and advice to enable change and resolve stubborn and persistent health conditions.

We are looking for a Holistic Aesthetic Doctor:

This is be the perfect opportunity for any doctor wishing to further their career in the cosmetics industry. We are seeking a highly versatile Holistic Aesthetic Doctor with a passion for beauty, aesthetics and the promotion of non-surgical solutions to a variety of conditions and concerns. As a Holistic Aesthetic Doctor, you will be required to have at least 10 years’ experience in holistic aesthetic medicine. We are keen to work with individuals who can see the benefit of working in a team in an integrated way to support their clients.

The possibilities of collaboration are infinite, but can include:

• Collaborative consultations

• Sharing of assessment information

• Treatment planning

• Education – workshops, courses, Apprentice schemes

• Community work

• HNW retreat programmes

• Centre of excellence for Paediatric care

• Centre of excellence for Sports performance

• Clinical research through the Health Optimising International global network


If you are interested in Joining the Clinical team, please do let me know so that we can take discussions further.

The basic offer would be:

Consultation room – on exclusive or ad hoc use; Administrative support- bookings, client liaison etc.

IT support; Integration with other Clinicians and access to all Health Optimising technologies as and when they support your clinical treatment plan

Flexible arrangements and terms

This is a unique opportunity in the UK and I would be delighted if you wish to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail.


We look forward to hearing from you