Clinic Manager, Kent

Job Reference: 1

Salary: On Application

Date Posted: 05 August 2019

Start Posted: 05 August 2019

Job Type: Full Time

Benefits: On application.

Qualifications: EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE 1. Previous management experience is essential 2. Educated to degree level is preferred 3. Evidence of driving sales

Job Role


 To ensure the company Health and Safety policy and all other statutory requirements under the Health & safety at work Act 1974 are adhered to.

  • The Clinic Manager will be responsible for the overseeing of the day to day running of the clinic
  • The clinic Manager will be responsible for working/directing the staff with the database to create a loyal and growing customer base.
  • The clinic manager is responsible for the conversion of New Patients and ensuring all staff are actively involved in all forms of patient retention.
  • The clinic Manager will ensure high standards of patient care are in place.
  • The clinic Manager will work towards and achieve targets set in the following
  • The Clinic Manager will work with the Medical Director to decide direction of the business and priorities
  • The Clinic Manager will be responsible for the Clinics HR process of the staff management including staff appraisals. HR is support with an external HR advisor when needed.
  • The Clinic Manager will be responsible for the Financial - overseeing of cashflow/payments/reconciliation with Xero and Working with the accountant to determine budgets etc areas to increase business growth

 a) Financial targets

b) Conversions of new patients

C) Existing patients

 The clinic Manager will have awareness of clinic's financial position and be responsible for the clinics financial results. 

  • The clinic Manager will be responsible for providing correct and timely information to the team.
  • The clinic Manager will be accountable for correct and efficient use of

resources including drugs and will be responsible for stock control.

  • The clinic Manager will ensure that all practitioners up sell treatments and

skin care products and all staff are fully trained.

  • The Clinic manager will be responsible for ensuring there are adequately

qualified staff available to carry out clinic procedures and will uphold the

recruitment policy of Illuminate Skin Clinic.

  • The clinic manager may have to do front of house duties according to the demands of the clinic 
  • The Clinic manager will be responsible for dealing with all patient complaints in line with Illuminates Skin Clinics complaints policy

 The Clinic Manager will be become a responsible Care Quality Commissions Registered Manager for Illuminate Skin Clinic and will then be ensure that all compliance with all Care Quality Commission are met. 

  • Registered Manager status
  • Completion of relevant Inspections both external and internal.
  • Completion of monthly audits Updating of all policies and protocols in clinic and updating of staff Policy review
  • Maintaining Health and Safety standards / legal requirements throughout the clinic.
  • All certificates and licences are maintained and displayed where necessary.
  • Maintenance of both premises and equipment
  • Correct recruitment and screening procedures
  • Quality control
  • Continuing Professional Development of self and staff
  • Data management
  • KPI Management
  • Liaison with professional bodies and training organisations
  • The Clinic manager will be responsible for ensuring that all policies, procedures and protocols are upheld by self and staff and communicate any difficulties with the Medical Director as soon as possible.
  • The Clinic Manager will be responsible for maintaining a high standard of patient care.